Crafted things and Merchandise

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Crafted things and Merchandise

Post by Varulven on Thu Aug 11, 2016 8:01 pm

Got awesome nosgothian merch?
Crafted something youwanna show us?
Then here's the right place for you to do so :bg: 

Ok, I'll start with my lovely little Deceiver figure:

This figure is 3D printed after the digital model was adjusted to this position with 3ds Max.
I still have to paint the figure, but I already love it even if it's not finished, yet I love you

-------------------------------For Nosgoth!-------------------------------


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Re: Crafted things and Merchandise

Post by Grisamentum on Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:31 pm

Wow that's awesome. Did you rig the 3d model yourself?

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